Location: Mexico City, Mexico  |  Year: 2019
Competition: 2nd round, Clean Energy Challenge
Organizers: What Design Can Do, UNFCCC secretariat, IKEA Foundation, Arjowiggins, Creative Papers, Antalis
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Focused on the circular economy debate, the [in] VISIBLE WASTE project, tackles the issue of garbage reduction in Mexico City by creating a platform that centralizes the already more than 100 existing local initiatives promoting sustainable waste disposal practices. The main idea is to provide a system that rewards the actions of reducing one´s waste footprint while building awareness of the problem. The [in] VISIBLE WASTE project, does that by answering 4 key questions: Which is the estimated real impact of my waste disposal habits? Where can I take the items that I don’t want anymore and give them an extended life? How close are those initiatives from my location? and What do I get out if it?

Moreover, the platform is organized in three themes, which in turn are divided in to different categories:

  1. Recycle: Organic; Inorganic; Special Items; Electronics
  2. Reuse: Second hand for you; Second hand for your business
  3. Reduce: Refill; take-away and catering
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