Landscape of Inclusion

Location: Mexico City, Mexico  |  Date: 2015
First prize in competition Arquine No.17, Pulmón Metropolitano de Oriente
Organizers: Arquine
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The “Vision Map” for the AICM is a multiscale strategy aimed at enhancing the potential of its context.

At city scale, the proposal creates a space that articulates and integrates the intricate network of green systems around the site. In this way what is now a no trespass area becomes a landscape of inclusion, a car free zone that acts as a social condenser.

Moreover, the project proposes that the mosaic of grids engulfing the site, cross over. These extended grids could house new densities, programs and building typologies, serving as an alternative to the ubiquitous closed blocks. In adition, the proposal re-integrates the water into the city through a set of interconnected seasonal reservoirs, each with its own identity. The sequence of lakes becomes the soft spine of the proposed landscape influencing the characters of the adjacent areas creating pockets for production, leisure and cultural activities.

At a regional level, thanks in part to its strategic location and its inherited infrastructures, the vision proposes a new dynamic of mobility by integrating soft mobility with new nodes of public transit.
# Mexico City, Mexico, Competition, First PrizeUrbanism
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