Desarrollo de usos mixtos VECA
Viviendo el paisaje cítrico

Location: Martínez de la Torre, Veracruz, Mexico   |  Year: 2017
Collaborators: Urbanistica
Clients: Veca Produce

The development of mixed uses VECA takes up the productive landscape of citrus fruits located within the plot, as well as the landing strip and the lemon packing plant of VECA Produce, and integrates them into the conceptualization of a real estate transit-oriented development.

The 160-hectare project conceives the following design criteria:

1. Construction of a pole of attraction. A new centrality for Martínez de la Torre and the region;
2. Local and Regional. Apple typologies, regional materials, vegetation;
3. Comfort and attention to the weather;
4. Use of the productive landscape (economy and lemon culture);
5. Sustainability and resilience for good management of rainwater;
6. Create emblematic public spaces that attract people;
7. Management of heights and densities;
8. Promote safety through the activation of low plants and balanced mixed use;
9. Create passable environments. and cyclists pleasant and safe;
10. Functional integration of existing infrastructure in the development site (airstrip and expansion of the packing house)
# Mexico, Urbanism

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