Taking the totalitarian city for a walk

Location: Bucharest, Romania  |  Year: 2013
Collaborators: Dan Achim
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“Portmanteau.ro” is as simple and attractive to be understood, as it is impressive: an integrated platform with Google Earth, to help overlap the scaled plan of the 80s totalitarian operation over a city you pick. If you wish, you can go for the random succession (jumping from megalopolises to idyllic towns is truly something). A small bulldozer helps walk the unwanted guest anywhere on the territory of the selected town. Somehow, you can measure and compare cities with the help of a totalitarian module. The project, carried out completely by voluntary work, is meant to support remembering and raising awareness. Beyond the case of Bucharest though, this seems interesting as an instrument of cross- disciplinary research and as a cultural assignment: it makes you, apparently in a playful way, to reflect about urbanism, responsibility, solidarity and common identity.
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