Rethinking Somes
A multiscalable waterfront

Location: Cluj, Romania  |  Year: 2017
Competition: Concurs de Solutii
Organizers: Ordinul Arhitecţilor Din România
Collaborators: Studio EST

Rethinking Somes means reviving the relationship between Cluj, its river and its territory. Looking backwards onto the historical development of the city, one can see that the river and its tributaries have had a crucial role in giving it shape. Today, nevertheless, this strong bound has been forgotten. The project proposes a soft network, pedestrian and bike friendly, that interweaves the various landscapes - waterscape, cityscape and territory - offering divers experiences.

The Promenade offers various experiences in terms of interaction with the water along the river. This is done through a set of projects, introduced in strategic points where it articulates with the Urban-Walk system.

The Urban-Walk System works transversely with respect to the river. There are eight urban-walks each linking a strategic project on The Promenade to a landmark in the city, while going through different types of urban fabrics and spaces. Moreover these landmarks inform the function and design of the strategic projects on The Promenade.

The Scenic Route connects the urban walks and creates a loop. In this way the user is taken on a tour of the urban fringe putting him in contact with the natural and agricultural frame of the city.

The project thus provides a platform that integrates river, city and territory by blurring the edges and allowing them to overlap. River becomes city and city becomes territory.

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