Centro El Benemérito
A productive shelter

Location: Mexico City, Mexico  |  Year: 2016
Menos Cajones, Mas Ciudad
Organizers: Instituto de Políticas para el Transporte y el Desarrollo

The Community Center El Benemérito, uses an existing parking structure and converts it into a new shelter prototype as an alternative to the current CAIS Social Assistance and Integration Centers. Besides providing a roof, the project offers services for personal growth and empowerment close to the historical center of Mexico City.

The project thus proposes a hybrid that integrates productive and intermodal public space, that includes housing, services and workshops areas. The rooftop is converted into a productive urban agricultural area with the capacity of producing 136 annual vegetable portions, representing food for an average of 27 people.

Simultaneously, taking advantage of the optimal location and proximity to the Metro and Metrobus network, it is proposed to open a pedestrian connection between Calle Humbolt and Balderas. In addition, the proposal seeks to integrate a bike-parking, an ecobici site, and a taxi and Bicitaxi area.
# Mexico, Competition, CommunityArchitecture
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