Interweaving Borders
Urban intervention for the Rambla - Panteón Francés

Location: Mexico City, Mexico  |  Year: 2018
Concurso Arquitectura Rambla Panteón Francés
Organizers: Escuela Digital Autoridad del Espacio Público

The project proposes an urban intervention for the Rambla Panteón Frances, crossing three scales.

Urban scale: The urban walk as the axis linking experiences
The proposal contemplates functioning as a link that articulates existing valuable interventions in public space and mobility, and integrates them into landscape design to generate a pedestrian-friendly promenade that connects north to south, Centro Medico to Parque Delta. West to east, the proposal conceives the urban Rambla as a destination where it crosses the linear park Ecoducto. The proposal is conceptualized as a resilient and flexible project that prepares the southern boundary of the Pantheon for the future return of the river.

Neighborhood scale: Memory as the integrating entity of urban rooms
The daily life of the public spaces and facilities connected by the rambla blur the present and forgotten history of the neighborhood. Present, because of its hidden symbolism in remaining buildings. Forgotten, because of the vision of porous city and interconnected with permeable equipment, is lost in an increasingly walled city. The project aims to rethink the articulation of walled spaces and re-poses them as areas of community construction, returning the porosity and existing urban rooms to the surrounding urban fabric.

Architectural scale: The wall as the transitory space containing life
The limits of the Panteón Frances represent an edge between public and private, between spaces for life and death, between profane and sacred. The character of this border invites us to reimagine two worlds with very different rules that intersect and coexist in the same space. In this sense. The project reinterprets the wall as a transitory entity that offers each space the functional elements that it needs.
# Mexico City, Mexico, Competition, UrbanismArchitecture
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