Transforming Mobility and Public Space of la Redoma de Petare
Reformulating the fixed and unfixed elements of the public space

Location: Caracas, Miranda, Venezuela  |  Year: 2017
Collaborators: Urbanistica
Clients: Developing Bank of Latin América (CAF), Alcaldía de Sucre

Located in one of the entrance gates to the capital, the Redoma de Petare is an important node of mobility. It is a space where a large number of people, activities and interests converge. Moreover, it is here where the historic tissue articulates with the informal settlements, an important number of equipment and deteriorated infrastructure.

The project Transformation of Mobility and Public Space of the Redoma de Petare, aims to promote an urban, environmental, economic and social transformation of the Redoma de Petare to turn it into an intermodal hub of organized public transport. Likewise, it seeks to generate a high quality public space.

The methodology followed for the preparation of this project is understood as a strategy of tactical urbanism where practical and temporary reviews of possible urban transformations are made in which the citizens are actively involved, followed by a plan of interventions.

# Venezuela, Pilot ProjectMobility
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