Vernon in Common

Location: Vernon, France  |  Year: 2015
Organizers: Europan Europe
Collaborators: Jonas De Maeyer

In a beautiful natural setting at the banks of La Seine and surrounded by woody hills Vernon and Vernonnet have qualities most cities can only dream of. The infrastructure connecting the city with the larger region between Paris and Le Havre brings economic prosperity but also creates a division at the scale of the city by hampering movement. Thus making the accessing of the riverfront or moving between the different neighborhoods and the center is no easy task. With a faster railway connection planned to La Défense, new economic opportunities arise. Eco-neighborhoods addressing many of those commuters will be built on the former sites of a military base and several industries. But with a focus on the wide region more opportunities will have to be found for the local economy.

How, with using local and regional resources, can new economic opportunities be created for the population of Vernon? Which ecologies should be encouraged to support a more inclusive future for the city?

A spatial and tactical set of interventions has been proposed with the possibility to change the city day-by-day with small steps and year-by-year with large interventions by using both bottom-up strategies as well as top down decisions.
# France, Europe, CompetitionUrbanism
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