Designing Inclusion
Co-producing ecological urbanism for inclusive housing transformations

Location: Guayaquil, Ecuador  |  Year: 2015
Collaborators: Adrian Cárdenas, Ana Cristina García, Ana Martínez, Astrid VK, Balaji Mohan, Elisa Puga, David Sotomayor, Galo Gómez, Genaro Alva, Jhono Bennett, Justine Velásquez
Organizors: VLIR-UOS, KU Leuven, MaUSP - MaHS, OSA, Universidad de Guayaquil
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The Designing Inclusion workshop was an effort to offer an alternative to the mega-project Guayaquil ecológico designed by the government without any participatory approach. During the 2 weeks of intensive work the 52 international researchers visited the soon affected neighborhoods to better understand the current situation.

The aim was to generate a co-production of ecological urbanism to enhance the existing social infrastructure and transform the city from within. By entangling the communities with the future of their spacial conditions, one could create a more inclusive city, stimulating a meaningful social and physical change.
# Ecuador, Research, CommunityUrbanism
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