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Who are we?
We are an international collective of engaged citizens, specialized in urban research and design. We were born in a world of 5 billion and we are maturing in a world of 7 billion. We learned how to ride a bike before going online. We grew up with analog technology, but we connected through digital. In a world that´s rapidly changing, we want to be part of those who influence things in a possitive way.

We grew up in different cultural contexts yet, we share a common thirst for a better understanding of each other and of the dynamics that shape our world. We walk, we bike, we skate, we drive. We take buses, trams, metros and trains. We go to work, to school, to meetings, to campus, to a conference, to a museum and, occasionally, to a bar. We live, we love, we experience and we explore. However we go and whatever we do: we are always conscious of the fact that we are part of bigger interdependent system of vectors. Vectors in a matrix of information that shapes our world as we interact with it.

Why anthropoScene?
The Anthropocene is the geological age we live in. It is the age that began when our human activities started having a significant global impact on our planet’s ecosystems. With the majority of the world’s population now living in urban environments and engaged in global markets, humanity’s impact is now greater than ever. Nevertheless, we believe that this is just a scene. A scene in the greater act called “The Urban Civilization” from the play “The Story of Mankind on Spaceship Earth”. Anthroposcene strives for sustainable and inclusive solutions to built contemporary environments for humanity by the optimal use of space and resources.

What do we strive for?
We strive for an inclusive and sustainable future. We believe that all spaces and cities should be designed for and with the people. That man-made and natural landscapes should be integrated with each other, and that local economies should be reinforced.

How do we do it? Tackling the issues of the modern condition in a rapidly urbanizing world, we are trying to achieve a more integrated and systematic approach to the understanding of the city and its relationship with the territory. We do this through fieldwork, community engagement, critical mapping, research by design, writing and interdisciplinary projects. We give solutions that answer the questions of today while at the same time framing the questions of tomorrow

The Team

Bogdan Ilie

Ana Sabrina Martinez

Rogelio Contreras


Jonas de Maeyer

Giulia Testori
PhD in arch and urb

Luis Angel Flores 
PhD in arch and urb

Former Collaborators

Shauni Marchand

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