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Application - Streets for Kids - Mexico

Kids as the agent of change!

Check out our video on why participative design is important in close surroundings to schools in order to prevent more trafic injuries happening with kids.

Proposal handed in for a pilot project in Azcapotzalco in Mexico.


Education/Research - Taller IV TEC - Mexico

First contact with the Sierra de Guadalupe, Area Metropoleana de Mexico.

A fully packed day of lectures, fieldwork and hiking with the students of TEC for their Taller IV on community building in the Sierra of Guadalupe, a natural gem in the metropolitan area of Mexico City.

Let’s get this classes started!

Competition - What Design Can Do - Mexico

Good news arrived this morning!

We are proud to announce that our idea [in]VISIBLE WASTE has been selected, along with 11 other teams, out of 128 entries in Mexico City for the WCDC Clean Energy Challenge. In the next two weeks we get the chance to improve our proposal before the final winner is chosen.

Off to the next phase!

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